Friday, August 7, 2020

Rezku POS Software Update 2.1.7

Version updates include performance and security enhancements, interface improvements, increased reporting functionality, and other changes to Rezku POS or Back Office.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of your Rezku POS system and appreciate your feedback!

Version 2.1.7 Update Highlights

Curbside Pickup is Now Available!

With curbside pick up enabled in backoffice, customers will be able to leave information about their vehicle upon making an online order. Great for easily finding customers in the parking lot to increase productivity.

New Tableside Ordering!

Tableside ordering is going to change the way dine in will work limited customer interaction. With tableside ordering you will be able to leave a QR code at the table and customers can order food themselves on their smartphones.

Create a Custom URL for Your Online Ordering Page!

If you head over to site settings, in online ordering settings on back office, you will now be able to create a custom url for your online ordering page. No more strings of random letters and numbers!

There is a lot more to learn about all of these new features. Head over to the knowledge base for all information regarding Rezku POS.

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