Monday, December 2, 2019

Taking security seriously

Data security is super important for you and your customers. After all, a point of sale is dealing with your money. The restaurant industry has a very high turnover rate, so it's imperative to have data security measures in place with your hospitality POS.

That's why we're excited to announce two new features to help you secure your Rezku POS accounts.

1. 2-Factor Authentication for Back Office users.

Back Office is our web-based management portal for your Rezku POS system. Providing access to reporting, menu setup, employee timecards and more. The sensitive nature of this access requires increased security. For example, if you've saved your account on another computer.

2-Factor Authentication is the same security your bank uses to confirm your identity when signing into your account.

After adding your phone number, you will receive a text message with a one-time-use code to use when logging in. This ensures that only authorized users are accessing the Back Office because they would need to have access to your cell phone to know the code.

2. Manager Override PIN numbers for Rezku POS

Managing a restaurant is a huge responsibility, and a lot of trust is placed with managers to make the right decisions. But what happens if someone who's not a manager spies the manager's PIN number?

They can abuse the privileges that only managers are granted.

To combat this we have now introduced manager over-ride PIN numbers that are separate from the manager's login PIN. This is in response to the request by our customers to allow short employee PIN numbers (3-4 digits).

While short PINs are convenient to employees, they expose the potential for someone to guess a manager's PIN number or observe them typing it in.

To use manager override PINs, first enable the feature in Labor Settings.

Then set a new override PIN for each user who is set up as a "Manager" or "Owner".

Keep in mind that their standard login PIN number remains unchanged.

With the new feature, set a long PIN for managers to use when performing an override. This longer number will be difficult to guess by employees and will show up in the manager override report when used.

For a highly secure solution, the long PIN can be paired with the employee swipe-card feature so that managers don't need to remember their number. The card functions as a key, allowing the override.

To learn more about these security features talk to your friendly advisors at Rezku!

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