Tuesday, May 7, 2019

New Feature Alert: More Back-Office Updates

So this update is pretty special for us. Of all the feature requests, suggestions and changes we've received. Removing the check button has always remained number 1.

Rezku user's know how annoying it is when anyone hits that 'check' button on accident. We seriously considered holding a funeral for the button and inviting all of our clients to witness as 'check button' lays to rest.

Here's what to look for feature wise:

- Accept checks: Can be found in the [Settings] tab under the [Payment and Receipts] button. Users will have the ability to add and delegate back office responsibilities such as product management, employee management, or reports.

- Staff notes: Can be found in the [Employee Management] tab. These notes will also appear on the iPad allowing managers to notify employees of things like "today's special", "86'd items" or "Manager notes"

New Dashboards: Clicking on the dashboard now yields 2 options. [Dashboard] and [Order Exceptions]. Order exceptions will show five new tables with data representing; 'Forced Settled Orders', 'Late Finalized Transactions', 'Multi Day Orders', 'Offline Transactions' and any 'Open Orders' leftover.

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