Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Introducing Back-Office Permissions!

"It would be soo nice, if I could add a user to the back-office myself" 

If that quote looks familiar you should go ahead and pat yourself on the back. This update is because of your requests!

We had a number of owners as well as managers requesting for this feature for quite some time now. At this time we would like to announce the introduction of back-office permissions. Located in the back-office of course...

Instructions are as follows. 

1. Log in to your back office like normal (you will need to be using the new 'beta' version of back-office)
2. Head over to your employee management tab 
3. Click on the employee permissions tab
4. Click Backoffice permissions

From here you can choose which employee needs access and invite them using an email address of your choice. 

The buttons located below the email address field will control exactly what each user has access to. You can give users access to the entire back-office or restrict them to; product management, settings or employee management.  

The choice is yours! 

Any questions or concerns please call us 844-697-3958 or email at support@rezku.com 


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