Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Bye Bye Old Back Office. Hello New Back Office!

Over the last two months, you may have noticed when using Rezku POS Back Office that there was a link that said "try beta".

It's OK most of our users didn't notice either. Our statistics show that less than 5% of our customers ever clicked the link.

Well, the new back office is no longer a beta, it's the all new Rezku POS Back Office and it is live to all of our customers.

For a taste, check out the Old Back Office Dashboard (left) Versus New Back Office Dashboards (below).

The all-new back office portal is packed with incredible advancements and new features including:

  • Tons of new reports with additional data
  • All reports are downloadable as PDF, .XLS and CSV
  • Completely redesigned dashboard featuring additional graphs and tables to help you track performance
  • A beautiful, clean and much more intuitive user interface design
  • Redesigned payroll and time card settings
  • Easier product management and menu design
  • And lots of little extras ;)

Don't worry though, if you're still getting used to things we didn't forget about you. There is still a link right above the logout button to go back to the older version.

If you'd like any help navigating the new Back Office we're ready to help! Just give us a call at 844-697-3958 and we'll provide our customers additional training at no cost!

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