Friday, August 7, 2020

Rezku POS Software Update 2.1.7

Version updates include performance and security enhancements, interface improvements, increased reporting functionality, and other changes to Rezku POS or Back Office.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of your Rezku POS system and appreciate your feedback!

Version 2.1.7 Update Highlights

Curbside Pickup is Now Available!

With curbside pick up enabled in backoffice, customers will be able to leave information about their vehicle upon making an online order. Great for easily finding customers in the parking lot to increase productivity.

New Tableside Ordering!

Tableside ordering is going to change the way dine in will work limited customer interaction. With tableside ordering you will be able to leave a QR code at the table and customers can order food themselves on their smartphones.

Create a Custom URL for Your Online Ordering Page!

If you head over to site settings, in online ordering settings on back office, you will now be able to create a custom url for your online ordering page. No more strings of random letters and numbers!

There is a lot more to learn about all of these new features. Head over to the knowledge base for all information regarding Rezku POS.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Rezku's Response to COVID Spike's and Extended Lockdown's

What Makes Rezku Different? 

Imagine a POS company that cares about your restaurant's bottom line... Imagine a POS company that cares when your staff struggles to use hardware... Imagine a POS company that answers the phone... Finally, imagine a POS company where the CEO personally hands out his cell phone number.

That company is Rezku... Hear our CEO, Paul Katsch, talk about why more and more people choose to trust us every day!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Rezku POS Software Update 2.1.3

A new version of the Rezku POS has been released! 

Version updates include performance and security enhancements, interface improvements, increased reporting functionality, and other changes to Rezku POS or Back Office.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of your Rezku POS system and appreciate your feedback!

Version 2.1.3 Update Highlights

Modifiers Now Have More Functionality!

By popular demand, you can now set a maximum and a minimum number of modifiers that can be applied to a product. This makes creating modifiers for pizza and ice cream toppings easier to set up than ever before.

A New Look For Modifiers on the POS!

This new modifiers selection screen allows you to view and select all modifiers in one place instead of one at a time. Now you no longer need to go back to change a modifier that was selected by mistake as it is all compiled in one convenient place. Modifier options are also easier to manage by just tapping an already selected modifier.

Online Ordering Modifiers Also Have A New Look!

Everyone's online ordering page just got an upgrade. After selecting a product you will be greeted with a new look for selecting modifiers that not only looks nicer but also functions smoother.

There is a lot more to learn about all of these new features. Head over to the knowledge base for all information regarding Rezku POS.
For Backoffice Modifiers Knowledge base
For POS Modifiers Knowledge Base

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rezku Support for assistance by replying to this email or calling 1-844-697-3958 x:1.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fulfilling Christmas Wishlists

One of the things that's great about working at Rezku is collaborating with our customers to improve features and UI on a regular basis.

Our weekly app updates are just the tip of the iceberg. This month Santa's elves were extra productive filling our customer's feature and UI wish list.

Here are some key highlights of goodies added to Rezku POS based on what our customers asked Santa for:

* Tip amount warnings to notify servers if they mis-type the tip too high.

* Add more space to the top of kitchen order printouts to fit your ticket rail.

* Choose how tip suggestions for splits work. Percent of order total or payment total?

* Customer Facing Display can bypass on-screen signature requirement

* Print drawer audit reports to receipt printer

* Undo saved split checks!

* Change prices on the fly. Managers can now customize product price!

WOW! Look at that!

We know that it's the little things that help run a smooth operation and we listen closely to our customer's feedback.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our awesome collaborators!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Taking security seriously

Data security is super important for you and your customers. After all, a point of sale is dealing with your money. The restaurant industry has a very high turnover rate, so it's imperative to have data security measures in place with your hospitality POS.

That's why we're excited to announce two new features to help you secure your Rezku POS accounts.

1. 2-Factor Authentication for Back Office users.

Back Office is our web-based management portal for your Rezku POS system. Providing access to reporting, menu setup, employee timecards and more. The sensitive nature of this access requires increased security. For example, if you've saved your account on another computer.

2-Factor Authentication is the same security your bank uses to confirm your identity when signing into your account.

After adding your phone number, you will receive a text message with a one-time-use code to use when logging in. This ensures that only authorized users are accessing the Back Office because they would need to have access to your cell phone to know the code.

2. Manager Override PIN numbers for Rezku POS

Managing a restaurant is a huge responsibility, and a lot of trust is placed with managers to make the right decisions. But what happens if someone who's not a manager spies the manager's PIN number?

They can abuse the privileges that only managers are granted.

To combat this we have now introduced manager over-ride PIN numbers that are separate from the manager's login PIN. This is in response to the request by our customers to allow short employee PIN numbers (3-4 digits).

While short PINs are convenient to employees, they expose the potential for someone to guess a manager's PIN number or observe them typing it in.

To use manager override PINs, first enable the feature in Labor Settings.

Then set a new override PIN for each user who is set up as a "Manager" or "Owner".

Keep in mind that their standard login PIN number remains unchanged.

With the new feature, set a long PIN for managers to use when performing an override. This longer number will be difficult to guess by employees and will show up in the manager override report when used.

For a highly secure solution, the long PIN can be paired with the employee swipe-card feature so that managers don't need to remember their number. The card functions as a key, allowing the override.

To learn more about these security features talk to your friendly advisors at Rezku!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

New Feature Alert: More Back-Office Updates

So this update is pretty special for us. Of all the feature requests, suggestions and changes we've received. Removing the check button has always remained number 1.

Rezku user's know how annoying it is when anyone hits that 'check' button on accident. We seriously considered holding a funeral for the button and inviting all of our clients to witness as 'check button' lays to rest.

Here's what to look for feature wise:

- Accept checks: Can be found in the [Settings] tab under the [Payment and Receipts] button. Users will have the ability to add and delegate back office responsibilities such as product management, employee management, or reports.

- Staff notes: Can be found in the [Employee Management] tab. These notes will also appear on the iPad allowing managers to notify employees of things like "today's special", "86'd items" or "Manager notes"

New Dashboards: Clicking on the dashboard now yields 2 options. [Dashboard] and [Order Exceptions]. Order exceptions will show five new tables with data representing; 'Forced Settled Orders', 'Late Finalized Transactions', 'Multi Day Orders', 'Offline Transactions' and any 'Open Orders' leftover.

Introducing Back-Office Permissions!

"It would be soo nice, if I could add a user to the back-office myself" 

If that quote looks familiar you should go ahead and pat yourself on the back. This update is because of your requests!

We had a number of owners as well as managers requesting for this feature for quite some time now. At this time we would like to announce the introduction of back-office permissions. Located in the back-office of course...

Instructions are as follows. 

1. Log in to your back office like normal (you will need to be using the new 'beta' version of back-office)
2. Head over to your employee management tab 
3. Click on the employee permissions tab
4. Click Backoffice permissions

From here you can choose which employee needs access and invite them using an email address of your choice. 

The buttons located below the email address field will control exactly what each user has access to. You can give users access to the entire back-office or restrict them to; product management, settings or employee management.  

The choice is yours! 

Any questions or concerns please call us 844-697-3958 or email at